What is HUB ALE?

Authentic, flavorful ale with an exquisite balance of bitterness and sweetness.

Habu Ale, a seasonal premium ale available only at HUB, has been selling spring/summer and fall/winter versions alternately since 2005.
It is refrigerated and shipped from brewery on the day of cask packing, and it has overwhelming freshness.
It is an original brand of HUB that uses carefully selected malt and hops luxuriously and is made with a seasonal recipe, so you cannot drink it anywhere else.

HUB ALE's Birthday Secret Story

How was the HUB ALE that first appeared in 2005 born?
It had a love of beer and a great obsession.

When there were only a few HUB stores, only the Roppongi store sold Bass Pale Ale, while draft beer, Corona and Budweiser were popular. I had a fixed fan. Kobayashi (At that time, he was the manager of Roppongi store, and now he is a councilor of product planning department.), who wanted to sell Guinness by using the Roppongi store as a springboard, said, "We're a British pub, can you sell us Guinness?" He asked the product planning department many times and got a chance to sell Guinness.
After Guinness, it was followed by fish and chips, and Roppongi, which had a classic British menu, became the research center of the British menu in HUB.

As a result, in addition to fish and chips, we revised our exclusive sales contract with the manufacturer and introduced Bass Pale Ale (canned) and London Pab Guinness (bottled) in all stores in November 94. It's been 14 years since they opened, and they have English beer and menus.

Meanwhile, Ota (Currently President and Representative Director) and Kobayashi, who went to England to study in Ireland, the home of the wine, witnessed the delicious keg Guinness, the high level of support, and the Irish pride in Guinness. Despite the problem of lotto, they introduced the wine to the Tokyo Opera City store for the first time in April 99. "Although there were some difficulties, such as the way of pouring, we were able to successfully introduce keg Guinness sales on a full scale by holding a seminar and taking the time to pour twice.".

HUB ALE's obsession, born out of their deep love for beer

At that time, an employee who was on his way back from training in England suggested selling an original brand ale. However, at least 100 barrels of 30 liters were needed to produce House Ale. Because there were only 27 stores at that time, we could not get economies of scale. The good news is that Kirin Brewery is now able to produce beer in small lots.

The base of the original ale was beer called Estella. About 10 managers (Now, he is active in the head office, or he runs his own shop.) who were connoisseurs of beer at that time were immediately gathered in a test kitchen at the head office and tasted it, and all agreed that "Delicious!" and that "I want to do it!".

The parents of this original ale were Masayuki Sasaki, who originally brought the story to the table, and a person who devoted his life to making the finest beer by separating garjerry from Kirin beer. President Sasaki, along with Mr. Hirofumi Gyoda (at that time), president of Etigo Brewery, a long-established craft beer company, started research on the development of hub products without compromise.

In Japan, beer is chilled to the bone and is scraped off in one gulp. When it is cold, it is highly effervescent, and my throat feels refreshing and it is really delicious. So, "Beer for now" he said, usually with beer at first. I wanted to make a beer that would be the main character from the existence of the ale that is opposite to the throat.

Hubale was born in this way. Customers are highly regarded, and the number of loyal Hubale fans has increased and we have established our position.

"I am making a beer that a major company cannot do." says President Sasaki and President Gyoda (at that time). Their passion for the taste and the love of Habu are filled with the yell poured into paintglass.


Hubale is produced at "Etigo Beer Co., Ltd.", the nation's first local beer brewery, in Niigata. At the brewery, brewers check the quality, taste and condition of beer from various perspectives. Quality inspection is essential to provide safe beer.

We made it!

Until the HUB ALE is made

  • 1Raw materials

    Raw materials

    Uses plenty of carefully selected HUB malts

  • 2Malt mill

    Malt mill

    Coarsely grind it moderately so the flavor will remain.

  • 3Saccharification


    Add soft water from a tributary of the Shinano River to malt.

  • 4Filtration


    After saccharification, the moromi is filtered into clear wort.

  • 5Boiling


    Add hops to the wort and boil. This is where the bitter taste of beer comes into being.

  • 6Whirlpool


    The liquid is rotated to separate thermocoagulated substances. Maltkus becomes a fertilizer

  • 7Cooling


    Chill it to the optimum temperature for fermentation.

  • 8Ferment


    Add the yeast and ferment. A young beer is made.

  • 9Maturing


    Slowly aged at low temperature for a long time.

  • 10Finished


    Cask stuffing is done by hand! They are packed in barrels with love!

  • Very fresh! Shipped on the day of barrel packing!

    Very fresh! Shipped on the day of barrel packing!


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