A limited 1 cup that can only be drunk at '82 ALEHOUSE' for you.

Hoegaarden White

Jumbo size=1,100yen(HAPPY HOUR=1,000yen)

Regular size=600yen(HAPPY HOUR=550yen)

  • Alcohol content = 4.9%
    Beer type = Belgianwhite
    Place of production = Belgium
    Brewery = Hoegaarden

    Fragrance = the scent of orange and coriander
    Taste = fruity, slightly spicy
    It is easy to drink like white wine.

    Since the quantity is limited, there are cases where the guest beers on sale are different.
    For more information on opening the cask, please contact the store.

Guide to stores handling 82

  • *Depending on the stock status, the guest beers we sell are different.
  • *For more detailed information, please contact the store directly.